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Meet the dedicated professionals who can really make a difference to your business Fishbone We have painstakingly searched the industry for professional leaders who are connected, successful and progressive thinkers with years of experience in all aspects of operating a successful business. These include CEOs, Senior Executives, Tenured Industry Leaders, Industry Experts, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist and valuable Business partners

We bring more than just funding to the table, we offer you the benefit of our collective experience, our vast number of valuable and trusted conections as well as business know how and much, much more.


Investing in your future! We will work to position your company for the right funding and additional capital. Then introduce you to our investment partners when you are ready to take your business to the next level.

Guidance & Execution

Work with experts! Our Team of Industry Leaders and Professionals will mentor, design and execute a strategy to ensure your company's success.


Get the word out! We will work closely with management to develop the concept, materials and message that best targets and engages your audience. This will be designed based on your product or company's marketing needs and driven through the best multi-media platform to reach the desired customers and drive high impact results.

Brand Strategy

The WOW factor! Our team of experts will assist in the concept design of your product brand or company branding message. This design will be custom to your product and company and can include, but not limited to, logo design, messaging, concept strategy and execution.

Product Design & Development

The right product to compete! We will work alongside you to create and develop a product that will be a leader in the market place.

Sales Strategy

Monetization! We provide access to a broad spectrum of sales channels within the food industry and work closely with management to maximize opportunities and acheive results.

Operational Efficiencies

Grow effectively! The Team will assist in creating an operational structure that will foster productivity, flexibility, quality, reliability and allow for continued growth and replication.

Corporate Law & Legal

Keep you in compliance and out of trouble! Our legal business partners and experts will ensure that all of your legal needs are efficiently met and that you are protected from external infringements, like corporate compliance, Trademark, State, Federal and Local laws and statutes.


Cutting edge! IT, Application, Software and Web Mentors will work with your company to develop an effective internal platform, social media, web and e-commerce strategy.

Corporate Finance

Knowing what the numbers mean! Financial and Accounting professionals will work with you to implement an accounting system that will give the insight to the future growth and financial expectations as well as the day to day numbers.

The Benefits of Food Hatch

Why businesses apply for Food Hatch Funding

Entrepreneurs apply to Food Hatch because they understand that in order to succeed in any area related to the food business you need more than just capital. Besides providing funding to grow your business, Food Hatch provides portfolio companies the extra 'value add' within the food business that will offer your company access to invaluable expertise from executives who have years of broad experience within the food industry.

Food Hatch is actively looking to invest in exciting promising seed and early stage food related companies. So, whether you are a company that is creating the next great food product or you are company that has just developed the next great food app; we invite you to apply for funding.

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